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Home Depot Adventures!

Hellooooooo Tea Tribe!

H: We’ve missed y’all. I swear we woke up with the intention of doing a million things and had such a crazy week, that all we have agreed to do without fail is talk to you guys tonight. So much has happened since we spoke to y’all, we built two freaking flower beds all by ourselves! We got a plan and I’m going to tease Dria today cause one of the things I’ve noticed about her is every time she goes to Home Depot, she has a notepad and on it I swear to God, she draws up her plan and designs everything we have to do. She’s so cute.

D: First of all, my notepad is cute and I think it makes me look powerful 😂😂 but I’ll show you guys how my drawings actually look when I'm not ashamed. I feel like an architect when I draw them but when I show them to the Home Depot guys they don’t see my vision so that should give you a clue about how great of an artist I am. Even my husband ignores them and asks me to just tell him what kind of wood and the size it needs to be lol. Halima supports my art and that’s all I could ask for in a partner. One of these days I’m gonna tell you guys how much my life has improved with her in it but we’re not crying this week.

H: Anyways I met up with her at Home Depot and got we started. So, we knew we wanted treated wood (which by the way is hella expensive). We got the nails and with the help of the amazing workers of Home Depot, we got all the wood cut up in the sizes Dria had in her pad. Somehow, by some miracle, and because they figured out we knew nothing, the guys helped us haul the wood and tie it up into the truck and sent us on our way.

D: We were terrified the entire drive to Water Valley. The drive from the Home Depot in Oxford to the farm in Water Valley is normally about 45 minutes. It took us about an hour lol. A friend also tagged along because she wanted to see what we’ve been up to! So shout out to Heather for helping us build the beds! Heather is my best friend’s mom aka my other best friend lol. She told me she wanted to help us out on the farm so she could get out of the house so we had her drilling away. She also drove from Oxford to the farm all the way in the armpit of Water Valley so hopefully we didn’t scare her off. She was shocked there was a Sonic in Water Valley if that gives you a hint as to how far from regular civilization we are. But don’t let this scare you off, come visit us! We have new baby goats and Great Pyrenees puppy so you can’t really say no.

H: Click here to see how we built the beds!

D: We’ve also taken a Facebook marketing class recently so make sure you’re following us on all social media to see what creative things we drum up. We plan to let you guys see a little more of what we do when we’re not drawing up wacky garden plans and thinking of new tea flavors. We truly want you guys to be a part of this journey so get ready to feel a lot more emotions along the way. If you guys ever have any questions about what we’re doing, please leave us a comment! We’re always willing to share our knowledge lol.

H: We took a Facebook marketing class so we are going to start adding new things to our website and bombarding you guys with more things from our daily lives. We really want you all to be a part of our tribe, our tea family.

Earlier, We introduced some of our farm animals. So at the farm house that I live in, we have two cats. The inside cat is called Cookie and the outside cat is called Snickers, the inside dog is called Taffy and last but not least, we have Rocky, Eduardo’s guinea pig. Yes, I am aware that all our pets are named after candy, but that’s what happens when kids name your pets.

One of the things that we want to try to achieve is to develop our farm into an environmentally conscious eco-system. I am currently teaching conservation with the kids in science and one of the things we are learning is how to be responsible about conserving the ecosystem that we reside in. We will not use pesticide or sprays on our soil or plants and so in order to continue this life cycle as best as we can, we have an outside cat to take care of rodents, we are putting up an owl box on a tree to take care of snakes and my husband is building a chicken coop with Eduardo. We are very excited about that because we get to raise range free chickens who eat bugs off plants and also get to eat fresh eggs. We are excited about finding out how we can use nature to combat nature as we grow as a farm.

So, we have the beds, this weekend we are going to clear out the greenhouse, we have a huge wheelbarrow that we are going to use to pack up all the cut up grass so we can get ready to start seeding. One of the things we are constantly doing is learning. We have planted and grown food and herbs before, but we have asked a friend of Justevia to walk us through growing our hibiscus from seeds in a greenhouse, before we transplant to the ground. We have a ton of work to do. The area where we have to plant most of our summer herbs has not been leveled yet, but it’s all one step at a time.

The things that I’ve learned since the last time we wrote to y’all is: Dria is amazing, cause she is the one that has all the tech stuff set up and existing and it’s always, always a good idea to have a partner who has the strengths that you don’t have, so you can bounce off of each other. Another thing is, you will always meet someone in your field that has a trick or a technique to do something better or more efficiently. So always ask for help, always be willing to learn and be willing to share the knowledge that you know. Remember sharing is caring! We will write soon, remember to mask up and be safe!

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