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Who is Justevia?

Holistic Tea Blends


Justevia aims to provide a healthy sugar free beverage with the goal of making our world healthier one sip at a time.  We want our community to become more conscious of how everything we consume makes up who we are.  We want people to enjoy the first hand experience of the unique preparation technique that goes into our hand crafted blends.  


At Justevia, we believe that everything is connected, including the community, nutrition, and environment. We aim to give back to the community by providing continuous education on good nutrition and ensuring that our practices are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Who we are

Halima Salazar was born in Nigeria, where herbs are an essential part of the wellbeing of the people.  She grew up watching the elders in her community use herbs in various ways. Her grandfather was the local community herbalist and farmer, known for using herbs to heal members of the community. She grew up learning to enjoy the simple pleasures of turning herbs into tea and using it as means to have people gather together to enjoy the essence of community. She has an undergraduate degree in political Science and a minor in Business from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas and a certificate from Chef’s Academy in Abuja, Nigeria. She currently resides in Oxford, Mississippi where she grows her own herbs, similar to her grandfather.


Dria Price, a current Mississippi resident, grew up surrounded by good cooks who knew the importance of creating nutritious and delicious meals. Her house often hosted Sunday dinners, holidays, and any other event with food at the epicenter. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Food and Nutrition with the goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian. Her passions include nutrition, sustainability, and community wellbeing, which fortified her bond with Halima and led them to create Justevia.

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